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July Rising’s festival run has only just begun, but we need additional support to make it the best it can be. Festival submissions run from $20 – $120 each and ensuring we can help the film reach across the country and around the world can get a little pricey.

Your support can go a long way to help. Not only will you make the final film’s credits, but if you leave a note with instructions on where to submit, we’ll make sure your contribution is used accordingly.

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Excellent filmmaking demands a collaborative effort.

As individuals, we would not be able to complete this film, but as a team we were able to combine our collective experience to make something bigger than the sum of our individual parts.   

During shooting actors and crew members alike learned and leaned on one another to tell the story of the film: about the love of the land and how we really get to decide who we want to be.

Sometimes it felt more like we crashed into each other. But we did it. We worked past barriers from wildfire smoke to forklifts that wouldn’t start to wasps in a pear bin. We came, we saw, we collaborated.

Now we invite you to become part of our team, to help us finish telling this story. Because we think you’ll agree this is your story too.

The July Rising Production Team
Pausing for a group photo on day nine. Photo: Clay Haskell

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Chauncey Crail

Writer, Director, Producer

Isabella Egizi

Assistant Producer

Devin Ashley Whitten

Actor - ``Kate``

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