The Crew - July Rising

The Crew

Robert Mahaffie

Producer, Production Designer, Unit Production Manager

Meredith Mantik


Thomas Crandall

Cinematographer, Co-Producer

Isabella Egizi

Casting Associate, Assistant Producer

Julia Greene

1st Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager, Casting Associate, Assistant Producer

Ben Coldwell

2nd Assistant Director & 1st Assistant Camera, Assistant Producer

Charlie Theobald

Sound Recordist, Publicity Manager, Assistant Producer

Lucy Houlihan

Wardrobe Designer, Script Supervisor, Art Director, Casting Associate, Co-Producer

Haley Montgomery

Social Media Coordinator, Assistant Producer

Joshua Zambrano

Grip & Electric

Will Stockton

Digital Intermediate Technician

Josie Cohen

Set Operations Coordinator

Elle Gannon

Art Director, Assistant Producer

Alec Sarché

First Art Director, Casting Associate, Assistant Producer

Lauren Antonoff

Wardrobe Stylist, Script Supervisor

Seth Crail

Composer, Music Supervisor

Additional Crew

Clay Haskell

BTS Photographer, Set PA

Scott Powers

Location Manager

James Ryan Dinneen

Set PA

Chris Bittner

Post Sound Engineer

Daniel Sarché

Key Art PA

Bradley Mason

Sound Recordist

Samantha Sanson

Art PA

Henri Halle

Art PA

Julian Jordan

BTS Videographer, Camera PA

Maile Field

Pear Whisperer, Bottle Washer

Tom Curry

Extra-Heavy Equipment Operator

Christian Dorn

Additional Catering

Thoughts from the Crew


“I immediately appreciated the quiet of early mornings in the pear orchard. I approached each frame trying to capture that. The scenes of Andy alone in the trees are especially still to invite the audience to notice the landscape; we wanted to express the character of the orchard. As a character in and of itself.

I hope our audience too can find the beauty we felt on the farm and begin to understand Andy’s grappling with her new, changing sense of home.”

-Thomas Crandall, Cinematographer


“Lake County struck me as a place at odds with itself; a manicured wilderness. The endless grids of vineyards and orchard were filled in with weeds and bugs that had free rein in the spaces the mowers couldn’t touch.

I expected silence in the middle of the orchard. Instead, I found an incessant rhythm of insects and birds. In the distance, the sound of a nearby quarry haunted me throughout the shoot. Recording so many constant competing wild and mechanic sounds presented a challenge.

In capturing these extremes, my recording strategy involved picking out the quietest sounds (dragonflies fighting, an actor’s sigh) and the loudest (the saw-tooth buzzing of crickets in competition with tractors and ATVs.) I hope the range of sounds and details I captured immerses the audience in this paradoxical world portrayed on screen.”

– Charles Theobald, Audio Recordist

Production Design

“While trying to capture the farming lifestyle, we sought out that ironic balance between the romanticized, nostalgic version of farming and real struggles farmers face in the 21st century.

Everything on the farm, from the forklift to the kitchen stove is run down, covered in mud and showing age. There’s a beauty in the simplicity and the timelessness that contrasts with the clean elegance of Linda’s city apartment. The hastily mowed rows of the orchard oppose the fastidious lawns of ever-encroaching development and this poses precisely the threat to Andy’s way of life: efficient, modernized globalism.”

– Robert Mahaffie, Production Designer