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Thank you!

to our growing community of supporters

Join the July Rising team and help us submit the festival cut of the film to festivals all over the United States and around the world. Want to make sure we submit to festivals in your region? Just leave a note with your contribution indicating the festival, city, region or country you have in mind and we’ll take it from there.


To the neighbors and friends that have made this film a reality: we couldn’t have come this far without you.

It’s your support and belief in our team and this story that continues to drive us forward. Thank you!

Executive Producers

 Charles Treuhold
The Dorn Family
Charles and Judy Mahaffie

 Faye Field
Lars Crail
Robert Mahaffie

Co-Executive Producers

Jane and John Mahaffie

The Kirkpatrick Family

Associate Producers

Roshna Kapadia
Robert Byrne
Devin Whitten
Haley Montgomery

Bill Wilson
Kenneth Whitten
Thomas Crandall
Ben Coldwell

Crowdfunding Partners

Avatar Oceania
Pamela Barker
Aloha Bay
Judy and Victor Bejarano
Berlin Family
Julia Boese
Walter Booth
Chuck and Pat Bossler
Jane Boynton
Jill Brennan
Sophia Capp
Margaret and Lou Church
Anne Coldwell
Patricia Coldwell
Marty Coleman
Joanne Cote
Marilyn Cote
Nilah Cote
Gabrielle Cote Crandall
Bill Crandall
Thomas Crandall
Margi and Ray Crane
AJ Dinger
Penny Dinger

Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Judy Dorsey
Emerson Outdoor Design
Don and Margaret Eutenier
John G. Eyles
Jill Falconer
Paul and Marian Febvre
In Memory of Chris Field
Lissa Field
Barb and Jim Fullerton
Doug Gertner and Maggie Miller
Peter and Ellen Gunderson
Ben Grund
Betsy Hale
Caroline Rice Hale
Charles Hale
Jocelyn Hale
Elise Hale-Case
Roger R. Hale
Katie Hamilton
Elizabeth Harrison
Jan Harrison
Tom and Stacey Henske
Valerie Hetherington
High and Dry Boatworks
Rebecca Hornstein
Jim and Amy Houlihan

Diane JJ
Carrie Jordan
Caroline Kert
Collin Kluchman
Susan Lash
Susie Lawton
Sophia and Louis Linn
Charles Mahaffie
Karen B Mahaffie
Anthony Marqusee
Peter McGee
Theresa Nogeire McRae
Haley Montgomery
Sue Moran
Bea Moulton
Shannon Murphy
Dylan Nelson & Clay Haskell
Jake O’Hare
Tom and Lori Olson
K. Pebler
Robin Pendoley
Grace Powell
Elisa Prather
Holly Pretsky
Aly Putnam

Fran Rand
Rucks Family
Daniel Sarché
Jamie Sarché
Colleen Scholz
Leah Shamlian
Wilda Shock
Daniel Smith
Debbie Snider
Sin Soracco
Lindsay Stearns
Stearns Family
Hugo Alyn Stephens
Nick Stephens
Viriginia St John
Charles Theobald
Ken Theobald
Susan Theobald
Thornton Family
Karen To
Antoinette Trouart
Terri Vanderbilt
Colleen Weaver
Markeith D. Williams
Erica Wright
Clay Young Family

Special Thanks

Kris Allen
Felix Aguilar
Taylor Arneson
Ann Baldrica
Chris Bittner
Kim Bradley
Bonnie and Mike Brady
Sophie Capp
Tony Cartlidge
Shirin Chahal
Hector Chavez
Roberto Chavez
Stephen Clark
Seth Crail
Natalie Crail
Tom Curry
James Ryan Dinneen
Alex Dorn
Christian Dorn

Don and Margaret Eutenier
Ariel Facey
Carlos Fagundes
Dan Fix
Robert Gayaldo
Rosana Guillermo
Daniel Goff
Cooper Goff
Lorrie Gray
Clay Haskell
Kaitlyn Hickmann
Brent Holdenried
Demetria Humphries
Stephen Hutchinson
Kevin Ingram
Maya Jamner
Gabriela Juarez
Caroline Kert
Dana Kirkpatrick

Pamela Kirkpatrick
Terre Logsdon
Kerry Lopez
Jennifer Mallinowski
Toni Mattessich
Aaron Mutchler
Amanda McCarthy
Connor McCaslin
Susan McGlohn
Cinthya Montes de Oca
Dylan Nelson
Alex O’Meara
Frank Perez
Carol Phillips
Milo Powers
Scott Powers
Holly Pretsky
Geronimo Rico

Michelle and Greg Rohner
Jaime Rosas
Juan Sanchez
Scott Sanchez
Alec Sarché
Daniel Sarché
Sam Schavoir
Michelle Scully
Phil Scully
Wilda Shock
Margaret Silveira
Kailee Stiles
Jill Tiefenthaler
Claire Vargas
Soeren Walls
Baran Yildiran
Ken Young
Dana Zrnik

Businesses and Organizations

The production is immensely grateful to these fantastic organizations, whose support and efforts have made this film possible.

If you’re a member of an organization or owner of a business who’d like to help tell this story Contact Us for institutional sponsorship, product placement opportunities and more.